Hawaiian Reef Fish

These photos were taken while Scuba Diving at the same dive sites that we go to every day. Many of these fish you see while diving all around the world in tropical and subtropical water but about 25% of them are endemic (only found right here in Hawaii.) Our Hanauma Bay Scuba Diving trips are a great place to see a large variety and abundance of these amazing fish.

Bluespine Unicornfish
Pacific Sergeant
Arc-eye Hawkfish
Bluestripe Snapper
Bright-Eye Damselfish
Common Longnose Butterflyfish
Hawaiian Hogfish
Orangemouth LIzardfish
Lei Triggerfsh
Hawaiian Dascyllus
Wood's Razorfish
Rockmover Wrasse
Yellowtail Coris
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle
Yellow Tang
Convict Tang
White Tip Reef Shark
Saddle Wrasse
Moorish Idol
Fourspot Butterflyfish
Common Day Octopus