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Swim with the Turtles!

Turtle Canyons Snorkel Excursion

2 Hours • Ages 3+ • Offered Daily

Join us for an unforgettable excursion along the beautiful Waikiki coast for the best Honolulu snorkeling with sea turtles at Turtle Canyons snorkeling site. We invite you to join us on an Oahu snorkeling cruise and share in the ALOHA of Hawaii! Book now!

About Us

At Living Ocean Tours we have dedicated our lives and our livelihood to observing, preserving, respecting and enjoying our living ocean. We rise above by giving personalized and private attention to each guest. No two people are alike, and we make it our daily goal to make you feel at home above and in the water.

With us you can experience a rare opportunity to see our endangered Hawaiian green sea turtles and colorful reef fish up close while snorkeling beside them in the crystal clears waters off of Waikiki. This unforgettable Waikiki snorkeling tour is family friendly and good for ages 3 and up. For those who prefer not to get in the water you can even see these gorgeous turtles while on the boat. Under the careful guidance of a snorkel guide, discover the vibrant sea life of Turtle Canyons.

Above-water wildlife sightings may include spinner dolphins, flying fish, and – in winter months – humpback whales. Discover sea life in its natural environment and visit Waikiki’s best snorkel site. Enjoy complimentary refreshments on the 20-minute Waikiki coastline cruise to and from Turtle Canyons.

The Living Ocean Family
The Living Ocean Family

What You'll Experience

Snorkel with Sea Turtles

turtle swimming under water

At Waikiki’s Turtle Canyons it is common to see up to 10 Hawaiian green sea turtles! These turtles spend time on the surface to breathe, which gives us an amazing opportunity to get a great view! Even though turtles are wild animals it is incredibly rare to come on one of our Waikiki snorkeling cruises and not get a chance to snorkel with turtles!

Responsible Eco-Tours

turtles swimming under water

During your Honolulu snorkeling tour you will learn how to observe with the marine life in a responsible way. Giving the turtles room so that they feel comfortable to catch their breath on the surface as well as never touching the turtles are a few things you can do to keep Hawaiian green sea turtles safe for years to come.

See Tropical Reef Fish

woman snorkeling

Snorkel with all of Hawaii’s colorful tropical fish! We see many species of different reef fish on our Oahu snorkeling tours, and about 30% of the reef fish in Hawaii are endemic, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else in the world!

Private Tours

• Up to 36 guests & snorkelers •

Our 2-hour private snorkeling excursions will take you to Waikiki’s Turtle Canyons for a fun day of snorkeling with sea turtles. We will provide all of your equipment as well as a snorkel guide.

Dive Into Our 5-Star Reviews

Awesome Experience!

We had a great snorkeling trip. The guys at Living Ocean were great. We saw dolphins, plenty of turtles, tropical fish, held a sea urchin and even saw a small reef shark! Great experience for our family, won’t forget it! Thanks for making this a memorable trip for us!

– Michelle W. | Tripadvisor
Island Vibes and Great Dives!

Amazing experience topped off with a knowledgeable and courteous staff! I elected to do this for my honeymoon and we will certainly be back!

– Neil N. | Tripadvisor
Best Snorkeling Experience!

These guys really know what they are doing! Very friendly crew and informative. Was able to get us right above the reef and we got to swim with about 6 turtles. Snacks and water included. Highly recommended!

– John V. | Tripadvisor
Awesome Time Snorkeling!

Super beautiful trip, saw dozens of turtles in the crystal clear waters. The crew was extremely kind, helpful, and accommodating. Will definitely take this trip again when we return!

– Alysha H. | Tripadvisor
Turtles Galore!

The guys were so chill and welcoming. Chase was very friendly and prepared us for the turtles. We literally saw so many turtles, the hype is real! Very pleased with the tour & sightseeing!

– Gabrielle C. | Tripadvisor